The New Florida Majority-Education Fund (NewFM-EF) is an independent nonpartisan 501(c)3 multiracial, community-centered racial justice organization dedicated to creating an inclusive, equitable and just Florida by building up the unified power of the state’s historically marginalized groups.

NewFM-EF programs work to increase the political voice and wellbeing of communities of color, and build multi-racial unity across the state through issue campaigns in the areas of democratic rights, criminal justice reform, economic justice, climate justice, gender justice and immigrant justice.

We  work with allies and partners to maintain a statewide presence in these areas, with a regional focus on North Florida (Duval County, Leon County) and South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach).

Expanding Democracy

Our work to expand democracy focuses on building political power by creating voter education campaigns, engaging and encouraging Black and Brown voter participation. We are also working on voter protection efforts, anchoring the statewide Second Chance Campaign Coalition comprised of 200 organizations, all focused on restoring voting rights to Florida citizens with previous felony convictions.

We’ve also led campaigns related to campaign finance reform and money in politics, with a goal of limiting campaign donations and removing big money from local politics.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice reform efforts focus on anchoring the Second Chances campaign in Florida for the re-enfranchisement of 1.5 million returning citizens. We also develop state and local policy with community partners, encouraging police departments, public defenders and courts to develop restorative alternatives to the criminal justice system for issues of community violence.

Climate Justice

Our climate justice work is anchored in the Miami Climate Alliance, a climate-justice coalition of 80-plus organizations advancing a shared resilience and equity strategy, by providing staff support, strategic planning, fiscal sponsorship, and space. We are tasked with developing a local-regional-state climate justice policy agenda that reflects the needs of frontline communities of color, women and people with disabilities.

We also work to expand our partnerships with neighborhood-based organizations while building a new group of passionate climate justice spokespeople targeting people of color, women, and people with disabilities, as a core strategy for driving our community-centered equity agenda.

Gender Justice

Our gender justice work focuses on advancing restorative justice, reproductive rights and comprehensive sex ed in Miami-Dade County schools.